Child registration – Jerusalem: HaMoked petitions against the Interior Ministry’s new policy not to grant a status in Israel to children of residents of Israel born in the OPT, or to grant a status in Israel to children registered in the OPT population r

Background: Status of children of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem
As part of its legal and social policy, Israel has adopted the principle that the status of a child must be the same as that of the custodial parent who is a resident of the state, provided that the child lives with that parent in Israel. This principle is derived from the rights and obligations of a custodial parent toward his or her minor child, and society’s duty to protect the relations between parent and child.

New arrangement regarding family visits to the Gaza Strip: following petitions filed by HaMoked, the military promised to allow Israelis to enter the Gaza Strip and visit their relatives of the first degree for the holidays, provided there are no securit

The military's policy on entry of Israelis into the Gaza Strip
The military has declared the Gaza Strip a “closed military area,” and since 1994, entry of Israelis into the areas of the Gaza Strip that are administered by the Palestinian Authority has been prohibited. The military contends that citizens of the state do not have a right to enter the Strip, but may enter only after obtaining a visitor’s permit, the granting of which lies solely within the discretion of the military commander.

Violence of soldiers at checkpoints: Compensatory claim filed by HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual against the state and the commander of the Qalandiya checkpoint for assault of a young Palestinian man who was returning from Jerusalem, wh

Background: Checkpoints in the West Bank and actions taken by HaMoked
The checkpoints set up on roads in the West Bank are one of the focal points of human rights violations in the Occupied Territories. According to B’Tselem, the military currently has thirty-nine staffed permanent checkpoints in the West Bank. The harm to Palestinians wanting to cross the checkpoints includes arbitrary delay, confiscation of identity cards, and rude and humiliating behavior of soldiers, which at times turns to violence.