Thoughts and Wishes – the High Court of Justice on the Separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank: HCJ 2088/10, 4019/10 HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual v. Commander of the West Bank (Judgment of May 24, 2012)

Two things can be expected in every judgment: an operative ruling and reasoning. A person who files a lawsuit for 100,000 dollars does not expect to receive at the end of the proceedings a document that says that “it may be appropriate for the Defendant to compensate the Plaintiff”, or a ruling that “the Defendant shall pay the Plaintiff 1,000 dollars” without explaining what happened to the remaining 99,000.

On Tearing Down Walls, Solidarity among Nations, and Trains: HCJ 281/11 Head of Beit Iksa Local Council v. Minister of Defense (Judgment of September 6, 2011)

In these times of diplomatic standstill, when the end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory seems as distant as ever, here are some heartwarming words, surprisingly, with respect to mass public transportation: