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HCJ 114/78 Burqan v. Minister of Finance et al. Judgment

Judgment in a petition by a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem to instruct the government to lease him one of the apartments for which it issued an “offer of apartments to the public" and cancel the provision restricting the offer of apartments to Israeli citizens and new Jewish immigrants. The petition is denied. The justices rule that the Housing Ministry's requirement that the lessees of the apartments in the Jewish Quarter in the old city be Israeli citizens or Jewish immigrants should not be construed as wrongful discrimination.

Economic Exploitation of Occupied Territories: HCJ 69/81 Abu ‘Aita v. Regional Commander of the Judea and Samaria Area; HCJ 493/81 Kanzil v. Officer in Charge of Customs, Gaza Strip Region (Judgment of April 5, 1983)

The economic exploitation of occupied territories is as ancient as wars and occupations. Perhaps, beyond all national, security and ideological explanations, the expectation of economic exploitation is what drives any occupation and war. It is only natural therefore, that the attempts made by international law to control the use of force and limit the severe implications of war extended also to the issue of the economic exploitation of occupied territories.

Secret Evidence and the Due Process of Terrorist Detention

Article reviewing the manners in which various democracies handle their common difficulty in proving suspicions against alleged terrorists during hearings: while governments are forced to protect the sharing and collection of sensitive information when proving cases against terror suspects during hearings, withholding evidence from the suspects allegedly compromises the fairness of the judicial process.