HaMoked’s Report on Human Rights Violations Perpetrated by Israel in the Summer of 2014

HaMoked's report, submitted to the UN-appointed independent commission of inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict, focuses on five areas addressed by HaMoked regarding Israel's measures against the Palestinian population in the OPT before, during and after the fighting in Gaza: detainee tracing, the right to freedom of movement, detainee rights, punitive house demolitions and respect for the dead.

New report by HaMoked: Childhood in Chains - The Detention and Interrogation of Palestinian Teenagers in the West Bank

Palestinian teenagers from the West Bank are waken by soldiers in the middle of the night, taken directly from their beds on a grueling journey in military custody, at constant risk of violence at the hands of security personnel. Following the journey, the teenagers are interrogated in a state of fear and exhaustion, often without having had anything to eat or drink for many hours and without having been permitted to relieve themselves.

HaMoked's activity in 2017: overview and statistics

2017 marked 50 years of Israeli occupation, and the Israeli government continued to promote policies to entrench its control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It also worked to silence and intimidate watchdogs and critics of the occupation. Amid this difficult context, HaMoked continued its work to provide individual assistance and to promote systemic change. We can look with some satisfaction at our achievements.

According to Israel Prison Service data: in the last five months of 2017, hundreds of Palestinian minors were held in IPS facilities

On August 7, 2017, HaMoked submitted to the Israel Prison Service (IPS) an application under the Freedom of Information Law regarding Palestinian minors from the West Bank and East Jerusalem who were held in IPS incarceration facilities in 2017. In its application, HaMoked requested data on the number and holding place of minors in detention, administrative detention or serving a prison term, according to their age, sex and incarceration status.

New report by HaMoked and B'Tselem: Unprotected – The Detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem

Palestinian teenagers from East Jerusalem are pulled out of bed in the middle of the night, unnecessarily handcuffed and then made to spend a long time waiting for their interrogation to begin. Only then, when they are tired and broken, are they taken in for lengthy interrogation sessions, without being given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer or their parents before the questioning begins and without understanding that they have the right to remain silent.