Human Rights Defenders

HaMoked is proud to congratulate Dalia Kerstein on receiving the 2017 Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award for Lifetime Achievement

As the Prize Committee wrote: "Dalia Kerstein served as HaMoked’s Executive Director for 26 years. During this time, HaMoked assisted tens of thousands of Palestinians to address violations of their human rights by Israeli authorities and the hostility of the bureaucracy of occupation. As Executive Director of HaMoked, Dalia shaped the organization's path with modesty, persistence and great success, turning it from a small organization to one of the most significant organizations in Israel addressing human rights in the Occupied Territories".

Israeli human rights and civil society NGOs to the Minister of Justice: the investigation into the testimony of “Breaking the Silence” spokesman is meant to silence criticism; we shall keep speaking out for as long as the occupation and its injustices co

To Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, and State Attorney Shai Nitzan. Your newfound determination to address instances of violence towards Palestinians is impressive, but Palestinians have been living for fifty years under systemic, institutionalized violence that is at the core of the occupation – a regime of military control over civilians.

Israeli human rights organizations to the German Ambassador: Your steadfast stand on the side of democratic values at this time, when the Government of Israel seeks to curb our activities, is greatly appreciated

Honorable Ambassador Von Goetze,

We, the undersigned organizations, express our appreciation for the steadfast commitment of German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, to meeting with members of Israel's civil society and human rights organizations, despite pressure to do otherwise by Prime Minister Netanyahu. We value Minister Gabriel's efforts to hear all voices, and to receive data and information based on the organizations' experience and knowledge.

Human rights organizations in Israel express solidarity with Human Rights Watch: "A state that defines itself as democratic cannot turn its border control into a thought police"

Human rights groups working in Israel: Border control not thought control

We, human rights organizations from Israel, consider Israel’s refusal to allow Omar Shakir of Human Rights Watch (HRW) to enter the country a cause of grave concern. We stand in solidarity with him and our colleagues at HRW.

Israeli human rights organizations to the Ambassador of Belgium: the demonstration of support of the international community, including the Belgium Government, for the Israeli organizations is important especially in view of Israel’s anti-democratic poli

Dear Ambassador,

We, the undersigned Israeli human rights organisations, would like to thank Prime Minister, Charles Michel, for taking the time to meet representatives from B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence during his last visit to the region. We appreciate the effort of PM Michel to hear the voices of human rights activists who are able to share their experiences and knowledge from the field.